How Momni Caresharing Works

How It Works for Momni Hosts

1. Create a Profile

Sign up for an account, confirm your email, verify your phone number, and complete your profile. Submit a selfie photo for face matching with government ID verification. Choose to add optional background checks for all adults 18 and over in your home, for additional verification. 

2. List Your Availability & Rate

You set your availability and adjust your schedule and rate as suits your needs. Turn on/off your hosting calendar as convenient or add hours to earn more money. 

3. Host Guest Children 

Connect with Momnis who are looking for caresharing help. Use our built-in messaging to confirm scheduling, then welcome little guest visitors to play & build new friendships.

4. Get Paid Regularly

Set up payment via PayPal to receive payment within 24 hours of your caresharing experience. Frequent payments put you in control of your resources.

5. Rinse and Repeat!

Continue the above four steps for ongoing resources to fund your dreams, hobbies or your own next caresharing guest visit.

How It Works for Momni Guests

1. Search & Invite Momnis 

Use our search filters to find vetted Momni hosts in your city or invite your favorite caregivers to sign up as Momni hosts to begin creating your own circles of trust. 

2. Select a Momni Host 

Check host availabilities, peruse ratings, read reviews and references, and find a Momni host to care for your little ones while you take care of you or take care of "stuff."

3. Connect & Book 

Connect with your trusted Momni host through our built-in messaging system, or instantly book or schedule a time for your children's next visit. 

4. Profile & Payment 

Sign up for an account, create a profile, confirm your email, verify your phone number, complete photo matching, and enter payment info. Voila! Start your caresharing experience with Momni.