Karmel Larson | Chief Executive Officer

Karmel is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, community leader, blogger and woman of faith. She is an advocate for strengthening families and a true “Mama Bear” when it comes to defending children. She and her husband Brigham are equal partners in raising their 8 children. With a desire to change the world, Karmel worked for many years at the Center for Women and Children in Crisis and as a Spanish speaking social worker for the Provo School District and Utah Child Protective Services. Raised with a family background in real estate and investing, she also became a licensed Realtor in 2008. Her focus shifted to music in 2009, and she and her husband supported their family in running Brigham Larson Pianos and Utah Piano Conservatory.

Derrin Hill | Chief Sales Officer

Derrin is a builder. He builds empowered individuals and teams, systems for growth, motivated communities, and strong companies. He graduated from Duke University Fuqua School of Business with an MBA and completed his undergraduate studies in Business Management and International Marketing at BYU. He has founded several successful companies, including Imagine Learning, and had record-breaking achievements in other companies. His greatest priority is his role in building a great marriage and a wonderful family with his wife Nicole and their 5 children.

AJ Rounds | Chief Marketing Officer

A.J. is a seasoned sales, marketing, PR, and HR professional — strange combo, but it works well. While attending college, A.J. sold and managed door-to-door sales teams across the country (he has flown into almost every airport in the nation). He graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and an MBA/HR degree. Growing up, A.J. learned about commercial real estate, business acquisitions, insurance, and property management in his family business. Since then, he has been involved in a variety of industries, from infomercials to launching sales teams for Winder Farms in Las Vegas. Besides hanging out with his 4 kids, wife, and new critters, driving a limousine tops the list of his favorite things to do.

Bruce Hassler | Chief Technology Officer

Bruce loves to create outstanding products and teams. As a BYU graduate in Computer Science, he started out as a programmer but quickly learned he had a talent for translating highly technical concepts in a business context and for identifying and mentoring high-performing managers. He is best known for leading efforts to build a highly successful school district app platform. Although Bruce has a love for technology, he has a wide range of experience ranging from directing marketing efforts and conducting sales presentations to leading business development. In addition to spending time with his wife and 5 kids, Bruce loves to play the piano or his guitar and is up to any DIY home improvement challenge.