We make it easy to get to know good hosts.

Verified ID

Guests and hosts verify their IDs by connecting to their social networks such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. We also require scanning their official ID and gesture selfie verification. 

Background Checks

We currently offer background checks on all adults living in a Momni host home for $9.95 per adult. 

Background checks typically take between 4-24 hours to get approval. If it is taking longer, one of these reasons may be causing the delay:

  1. Checking the information through multiple courts.
  2. Weather conditions or holiday season.
  3. Technical issue from county end.
  4. Some courts have imposed a limit on the number of requests. Hence, the court researcher can only submit a few dockets per week.
  5. Some clerks will only process any request when they have completed their daily court duties.

Profile & Reviews

Get to know your guest or host through detailed profiles and confirmed reviews.


Use our messaging system to learn more about a host or ask a guest about their experience.