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Momni Affiliate Program

Receive a percentage of every referred user booking for 3 months. When people visit Momni from your link and create an account they will be attached to your affiliate ID. Once they book, you will receive a percentage of every booking for the next 3 months while you are an active affiliate.

  1. Meet with one of our trained Momni team members

This meeting is to answer any questions from both parties to ensure clarity, transparency, and to set the tone for a great journey together. Momni cares about your style, vision, and overall goals. This meeting ensures we give you a marketing kit specifically for your needs.


    2.We send you a marketing kit and your personalized affiliate link

Based on our initial meeting, Momni will send you a customized package of marketing resources and your link to build your brand.

    3. Periodic Check-ins

Momni is available Monday to Friday during normal business hours.  Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions or concerns. We will reach out via email or by phone at least once a quarter to see how we can continue to foster a strong relationship.

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