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Circle Up Digital e-book



Join the Momni Movement and Circle Up to help solve the childcare crisis!


#1 National Bestseller in NINE categories including Childcare, Christian Faith, Parenting & Child Development, Parenting Emotions & Feelings, Parenting Infants, Parenting Toddlers, Women & Business, Women's Spirituality, & Women Writers.


Circle Up is a raw glimpse into the heart, mind, struggle, and triumph of a female tech entrepreneur whose relentless grit, determination, and courage to continue, despite unimaginable obstacles, will leave you pondering your own life purpose and path.

Against all odds, this passionate mother of eight is succeeding in launching a sharing economy global tech company, linking mothers together everywhere to help solve the global childcare crisis. With more women joining the workforce and less stay-at-home parents, the need for childcare is in even higher demand. This crisis calls for a movement that encourages mothers to share resources and help each other succeed.


In sharing her spiritually guided journey, Karmel invites the reader to join the Momni Movement of caresharing and encourages mothers everywhere to gather and Circle Up!

  • Battle the childcare crisis through mentorship and caresharing

  • Overcome barriers of motherhood and stay motivated

  • Find inspiration by this entrepreneurship journey that defies the odds

  • Develop purpose through motherhood, faith, and personal growth

  • Join a movement that changes childcare for both parents and children


About The Author

Karmel Larson is a mother and serial millionaire entrepreneur shattering barriers while growing the global tech company Momni. As partners, Karmel and her husband Brigham are also owners of Brigham Larson Pianos and Utah Piano Conservatory. Her training as a social worker and passion for gathering and empowering mothers led her to serve as county President of American Mothers, Inc. of Utah Valley; Utah County Director of Parents Television Council; Utah County President of Women for Decency; and County liaison for Citizens for Families. She was honored as the Utah Valley Young Mother of the Year, and served as Mrs. Utah United States. In 2018 Karmel was interviewed on Dr. Phil (Tuesday's with Troy) where she offered solutions for the Global Childcare Crisis using the Momni caresharing technology. Her entrepreneurial efforts led her to be featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, The CW, Yahoo Finance, Fortune, and Washington Business Journal. Karmel is a memorable, captivating, and crowd-pleasing keynote speaker who educates and inspires action. She presented at the UN on the global childcare crisis and was awarded the "Women of Distinction Award" by The India Council of Human Rights, Liberties and Social Justice for her efforts helping to solve the global childcare crisis, during a two week speaking tour in India. Internationally known as "Mama Karmel", she considers her greatest life work-her magnum opus, to be her 8 children. She spent 14 years homeschooling them and finds life's deepest joy to be parenting, teaching and connecting with her husband and children.

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