Hey, I’m Karmel!!

Orem, UT · Momni since April 2018

Hello, I'm the founder of Momni and my home is a pilot program for "Momni Homes" on the Momni platform. This means that when you book me for Momni caresharing, you may have me watching your children or any of these Momni hosts may also be in charge of the children at my home at any time. Momni Host Rebecca: https://www.momni.com/host/10706 Momni Host Amanda: https://www.momni.com/host/11074 I'm the Momni leader for this Momni Home hosting pilot program that offers full time caresharing in one home by a small group of carefully selected Momni hosts. Message me for more details if you'd like to learn more or bring your children by to meet my children, our caresharing friends and our group of Momni hosts who together provide a full time caresharing schedule. If you'd like to be Momni Home Leader and set up a Momni Home with a group of Momni hosts providing full time care... please contact me at 833-My-Momni to learn how you can pilot this program in your area as well.